How do I get my warranty to work?

For products without prescription:
Bollé Protection guarantees the Buyer against all manufacturing defects affecting the goods and accessories, within the limit of
the price of the aforesaid damaged goods and accessories, to the exclusion of all direct or indirect damage caused by this defect.
For products with prescription:
These products are guaranteed for two years, lenses and frames, against any manufacturing defects with the exception of wear due to use *. The responsibility falls upon the user once he has voluntarily modified the product. In this case the warranty would not apply and the product would no longer comply with norm EN166.
* The following are not not considered as manufacturing defects:
  - Scratches caused by use
  - Cracks due to poor use
  - Breakage due to use
  - Lapse of the guarantee
  - Removal of the side protective shell
- Poor care of the glasses (heat, cleaning ...)
Non-exhaustive list.

To activate your product warranty, please contact Bollé Safety customer service at +44 (0)208 391 4700 or via the contact form on the site.

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