Neil Wilson

Health, Safety and Wellbeing manager
The Service issues a range of aids to vision to operational staff and we also provide inserts for face masks and helmets.


Safety glasses are issued as part of the personal protective equipment identified in our risk assessments of our activities. Some employees who would normally wear spectacles need to be provided with overglasses or goggles to wear over their own spectacles or prescription safety glasses. Spectacle wearers generally find it easier and more comfortable to wear prescription safety spectacles and are more likely to use them than overglasses or goggles.

We have supplied a variety of prescription safety spectacles over the years but in recent times have opted for the Bolle frames and inserts as these not only meet our requirements to protect the eyes of our staff from impact or splashes, but have the advantage of being anti-misting which means that there is less likelihood of vision being obscured when working hard. The prescription inserts will accommodate not only single vision lenses but also bifocal and varifocal lenses making it easier to read labels and small print for those spectacle wearers who would normally have this type of prescription in their glasses.

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