Jean-Louis Castellano

Safety Manager
The "Bollé" name has an impact on users. It’s a trusted brand, a reference that infers professional quality.


Airbus helicopters is the leading manufacturer of civilian helicopters in the world and one of the main manufacturers of military helicopters. It employs around 20,000 people globally.

Since when have you been working with Bollé Safety?
I have been in charge of safety at Airbus Helicopters at Marignane and Paris-le-Bourget since 2013. Bollé Safety products were already used by staff when I arrived. We have been working with the brand for over 10 years.

Why did you decide to continue working with them?
They have quality products and the feedback from the field has always been positive. Just last year, new products became popular, in particular the COBRA.  For prescription glasses, I appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of the web shop. 
I have good visibility of my orders and of all the people who are kitted out. So even for prescription glasses, the circuit is very simple and I save time because I no longer need to contact the opticians to get the information I need. I have a clear and reliable real time view. Finally, I greatly appreciate the sales contact: available, reactive and  highly professional because they are attentive to solving every issue.

What criteria did you use to select Bollé Safety?
• If PPE is ugly people don’t wear it. So appearance is important.
• Lightness, as protection must be worn for 8h.
• How well the product stays on the head, a some jobs require leaning or crouching positions.
• Strength, because users are not always very careful.

What differentiates Bollé Safety from the other players on the market?
The "Bollé" name has an impact on users. It’s a trusted brand, a reference that infers professional quality.